Building a wardrobe and putting together outfits that you love starts with knowing your style and the different items that make it up. There are certain pieces, styles, colors, and prints that you gravitate towards more than others, but you don't have to commit to only one style.  


One day, you may find yourself wearing a pair of jeans, a blouse, boots, and a vest, and the next day wear leggings with a tunic and sneakers. This is totally normal. And in fact, a well-balanced and functional wardrobe needs to have a healthy mix of both casual and dressy pieces. And yes, you can still achieve a casual and relaxed look while still having dressier pieces in your closet.


This website offers a range of wardrobe building eBooks that cover a different style. And to help you navigate through which styles and eBooks work best for you is by first identifying the style that you like. These style photos will give you insight into the type of outfits and wardrobe essentials covered in my eBooks.



You prefer a more relaxed and laid-back style but also want to feel polished and put together.  Aside from casual clothes and shoes, you'll also want to mix in a few dressier pieces to help achieve that casual-polished feel and to avoid a frumpy or thrown together look.

Here are five must-have essentials for a casual style:

And the different style of outfits you can put together:


If you like this style, my 'At Home' eBooks would be a good fit for you.


My 'At Home' eBooks cover an all-casual style and wardrobe essentials. Because you'll need a combination of dressier casual pieces and casual pieces, this eBook helps you with adding different styles that mix the two. The dressier items are key to pulling off a relaxed style that feels polished.


'At Home' style shows you how to create an on-trend wardrobe that is all casual.


At Home eBooks (click eBook for more details):



There is a huge difference between being on-trend or trendy with too trendy. And because it's such a fine line, I think many women get turned off by the word 'trendy.' Trendy and on-trend really are the same words, so either one works. An on-trend style embraces trends, from the different styles, colors to prints. But being on-trend is knowing how to balance out trendier pieces with your classic and timeless pieces - the basics. A trendier style is a combination of the two. Being too trendy is just head-to-toe trends, without the classic basics to break it up, which will quickly create an overwhelming look. Your basics are key when pulling off a trendier style.


Here are five must-have essentials for an on-trend style:

And the different style of outfits you can put together:

If you like this style, then my capsule eBooks are for you.


My capsule eBooks with the titles of - Spring Capsule, Winter Capsule, Fall Capsule, Summer Capsule cover an on-trend style and show you how to be on-trend without overdoing it with a mix of casual and dressy essentials and outfit ideas.


On-Trend eBooks (click eBook for more details):


A classic style embraces a minimalist color and print palette with a focus on timeless, structured, and sophisticated styles. One of the biggest misconceptions with a classic style is that it's boring. This style can easily feel dated or old when you lack an interesting color palette and frumpy styles. A classic style is a stylish look; it's on-trend without the trendier pieces, colors, and prints.


Here are five must-have essentials for a classic style:

And the different style of outfits you can put together:

If you like this style and want to learn how to pull a classic wardrobe that is on-trend, you'll love my classic line of eBooks. 


Currently, there is only one classic eBook available to purchase, as it is a new style to my eBook line-up. Going forward, each season will include a classic style eBook, and wardrobe basic classic essentials eBook will be available later in the year.

Classic eBook:



When you think of athleisure, think of comfort. And who doesn't love to be comfortable and still look good? Athleisure covers a casual and sporty style. This style centers around leisurewear and athletic styles, like, leggings, jogger pants, t-shirts and sneakers, and your everyday essentials, like button-ups, sandals to boots.  

This style can crossover from running errands, everyday looks, casual night outfits, outdoor activities to hitting the gym. You don't have to live an active lifestyle to enjoy an athleisure look.  

Here are five must-have essentials for an athleisure style:

And the different style of outfits you can put together:

If you love a comfortable and relaxed style and want to have more variety of casual outfits in your closet other than a tee and jeans, you'll love this style.

My athleisure eBooks show you how to combine these two styles to create a new kind of casual look.

Athleisure eBooks (click eBook for more details):

If you love more than one style, that good thing is, you don't need two separate wardrobes. There will always be overlapping pieces with each style, and throughout the different eBooks, so you're not starting from scratch. There are overlapping pieces because there are certain items that every wardrobe needs, no matter the style, so you can mix and match your clothes, and that's your wardrobe basics.  


Having the same style of clothes in different style categories doesn't mean it's going to be the same style. It may feature some of the same pieces, but the styling and approach to putting together the outfits will be completely different!